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Use Of Mirrors

Why do we use mirrors?


  • To get good picture of situation all around

  • So we can act sensibly on what we see 


When to look into mirrors:


  • Always

  • Well before approaching a hazard

  • Slowing Down

  • Changing Lanes

  • Beginning any manouevre

  • Moving Off

  • Signalling

  • Changing Direction

                - Turning Left or Right
                - Overtaking

  • Moving Off

  • Signalling

  • Stopping (except emergency stopping)

  • Opening the car door


What's behind?

  • How close is following traffic?

  • How fast is it moving?

  • What is it doing?

  • Is the manoeuvre safe?

Using mirrors early will give other road users time to react to any signal you need to give.


Use mirrors to check reaction.


Blind Spot:


Area not seen using forward vision and mirrors

Main Blind Spots: Area between forward vision and what is seen in exterior mirrorArea obscured by bodywork of vehicle when looking in mirrors



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