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The DSA Driving Theory Test Consists of:

50 multiple-choice questions that are taken from a bank of over 1000 DSA theory test questions, all based on the Highway Code and road safety matters. The questions will include a case study - a scenario on which five questions will be based. The case study will involve a real life situation that a driver could face whilst driving and aims to assess your understanding of road safety issues and not simply your knowledge of it.

14 Categories Divide The Theory Questions into:


  • Alertness 

  • Attitude 

  • Safety and your vehicle 

  • Safety margins 

  • Hazard awareness 

  • Vulnerable road users 

  • Other types of vehicle 

  • Vehicle handling 

  • Motorway rules 

  • Rules of the road 

  • Road and traffic signs 

  • Documents 

  • Accidents 

  • Vehicle loading 


How To Book Book your driving theory test online.  

PHONE: Call 0300 2001122. Have your credit/debit card and provisional driving licence number with you. You will be given the date/time of your theory test immediately.

POST: Obtain a theory driving test booking form from your ADI, any theory or driving test centre, by calling 0300 2001122 or you can download the form. 
FORMAT: The theory test exam is taken using a touch screen computer. You'll have a fifteen-minute practice session before the theory test begins. Only one question will appear on screen at a time and you will be able to navigate backwards/forwards through the questions assessing answers and changing them if necessary. 
PASS MARK: You will need to answer 43 correct questions from a exam consisting of 50 questions.

Duration: 57 minutes. The computer will indicate throughout how much time remains.
COST: £23.00. This price includes the hazard perception test

Required documents: Take to the test centre both parts of your provisional licence - the photocard and the paper counterpart.If you have an old-style licence without a photo you must also bring a valid passport.
Failure to present these documents will result in your test being cancelled.
You should also take your appointment card or booking number. 
Speak a foreign Language? If English is not your first language, or you can't read or write in English to a fair standard then you can take the theory exam using a voice-over in one of 21 different languages - Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Mirpuri, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Pushto, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh.

If you are unable to use any of the above languages, you can arrange to use a translator, at your own expense.


WHEN: Learner drivers are often eager to pass the driving test and want to get the theory test passed and out of the way. When can I take my theory or how old to take theory test are questions that often arise from learner drivers.

You can take your theory test when you are in possession of your provisional driving licence and when you are at least 17 years of age. You may have received your provisional driving licence at 16 years of age, but you are only permitted to book the theory test from your 17th birthday onwards.


Of course if you are eager to pass the theory test which will leave the practical driving test open to be booked, you can study for the theory test before you are 17 years of age. Each theory test centre has their own waiting times, but you can often get a test within a week or two. If you revise for your theory and book the test on your 17th birthday, it should be passed within a week or so.

LOCATION: There are over 163 test centres throughout the UK. For a list of them ask your instructor, call the dsa info line on 0300 2001122 or take a look at our theory test centre list.

RESULT: If you fail You will have to wait a minimum of three working days before you can take the theory driving test again. You can, however, apply to take it the day after your initial failure. 

PREPARATION & PRACTICE: Practice by reading the DSA Highway Code. A free web version is available here. There are also many books, cd-roms containing the official driving theory test questions. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have their own official theory practice test questions

PASS RATE: The theory driving test pass rate is 62.9%.  (Pauls Theory Test success using Theory Test Pro 98%)

RESULTS: You will receive your results before you leave the theory centre.

Changes to the Theory Test


ADIs/PDIs will need to make sure their pupils are aware that the theory test will encounter some changes this month. As of the 23 January 2012, new theory tests will be introduced using questions and answers that the public will not have had access to, making any previous theory test Q&A banks redundant.


Since the theory tests started in 1996, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has published the questions and answers from the question banks for all categories of tests for cars, motorcycles, lorries and buses.


However, the DSA announced last November that it was to stop publishing the multiple choice questions and answers, with unpublished questions being used from January 2012.

After 23 January, the questions a candidate will be asked on test will not be exactly the same as those in their learning materials. Questions will be drawn from new live theory test question banks, which will not be published.
DSAs chief executive Rosemary Thew said:

“The reason behind the move is to stop candidates from simply memorising theory test questions and answers and learning by rote. ”This approach to learning will help candidates to gain a better knowledge and understanding of driving theory which will help them respond correctly to the new, re-worded live questions used in the actual test.”

The DSA have published more help for learner drivers taking their theory test, with The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers DVD-ROM. This new software has been totally remodeled and is the most, user friendly to date. The new layout makes it a lot more noticeable that the DSA expects you to learn the material rather than memorise answers, by implementing a study, practice, test yourself strategy, for best results.

New features have also been added to the software so candidates can:


  • Study background information on every topic, presented in an easy-to-remember way

  • Customise their practice by topic to see how much theyve learnt

  • Sit unlimited mock tests which offer the closest experience to the real test

  • Monitor their progress at each step to find out exactly where they can further improve so they can tailor their revision

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