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All driving instructors have the same aim with each of their students, which is to help them pass their driving tests. But Paul has a much larger aim of not only wanting to help his students pass their tests, but also to make sure that they will become safe and competent drivers once they have passed and are out in the big wide world driving on their own.


Paul is a very committed instructor, who personalises each students lessons to fit around them and their abilities in order to progress and develop as drivers. His step-by-step methods are easy to understand, and help you out a lot when it comes to putting them into practice. When first learning a manoeuvre, Paul explains the steps to completing it, talks you through it as you slowly begin to do it yourself, and if need be even demonstrates how  to do it himself.


His people skills are top notch and his humour even better, which all put you at ease when you first begin to drive with him. Whatever youre driving ability Paul will support you through your journey of passing both your theory and practical driving tests, however long it takes you!


I couldnt have asked for a better driving instructor than Paul Mansell, and would recommend him to absolutely anybody!
- Laura Wells, Stonehouse


Passed my test yesterday and couldn't imagine learning with anyone else, Paul is the best instructor around, patient and funny!! 100% would recommend to everyone, Thank you Paul!


- Millie Hathaway, Lightpill




My husband and I were both very nervous and apprehensive when Leah started learning to drive.  This is due to her having an anxiety disorder and finding new challenges/people/ and situations more difficult than you or I.  Paul has been fantastic in managing Leahs 'wobbles', he is understanding and extremely patient.   He had to endure the occasional cancellation at very short notice due to her panic attacks and adjust the plans made for certain learning outcomes.  Even with the additional complications Leah managed to pass her test first time with 4 minors and after only approx 30 hours of lessons.  We would highly recommend Paul to any young learner that may need extra considerations.  Thank you Paul - very happy parents :) - Kay Timbrell, Kings Stanley

It gives me great pleasure to openly admit that I respect Paul a great deal. From the nervousness of my first session, right on through to the crucial test day he was an exceedingly competent and gifted educator, bringing a dynamic to the lessons that was novel and interesting; keeping every new topic fresh, making learning the bland aspects of driving much less of a chore. Not only is he a fine instructor, but is informal and colloquial: I consider him a good friend as opposed to just a teacher; his (attempts) at wit and humour never ceased to crease a smile on my face, making our lesson time relaxing and laid-back. Thanks for everything mate! It's been a bumpy ride (especially with all those kerb hits). With his incredible teaching standards I was able to pass my practical test first time with only one minor fault, as well as only dropping 6 marks on the Hazard Perception test and full marks on the Theory, so to Paul I am very grateful for helping me to achieve and attain my full driving potential. I shall and will not hesitate to recommend this fine instructor to anyone I encounter seeking to learn such an invaluable skill. - Matt Harwood, Kings Stanley


January 2015

Paul was my third driving instructor, I had taken two tests previously, but did not enjoy driving or feel competent in doing so. That all changed on my first lesson with Paul. He explained driving in a way that would help me in all situations and any car, not just what to do or say on my test in the instructor's car - as my previous instructors had done.

When I took my test I felt that I was ready to pass, but also ready and safe to have my own car. This was something that I never felt possible with my previous instructors.

I regard Paul not only as the best driving instructor ever, but also as a dear friend. He gave me confidence not only in driving, but as a person. He is so easy to get on with and has a great sense of humour which instantly relaxed me, in an environment that used to make me feel ill with worry. Even though I passed in January, I know I can still contact Paul if I have any questions or worries with driving, or anything for that matter.

May 2015

I would highly recommend Pass Plus with Paul. Driving on motorways was a lot different to what I had expected, but I felt calm, whereas I doubt I would have if I had done motorways for the first time with my parents. My Mum was able to come with us so that she could see that I was safe and competent at driving on the motorways, since I would need to for University. I learnt not only what to do, but why, which is very important to me in terms of learning. I now feel confident to drive anywhere.

June 2015

Car Maintenance with Paul Mansell and Paul Watts was amazing! I learnt so much with my car, and because there were two other students, I got to know their cars too. Which will be very useful when I get another car. I learnt;

How to change a tyre
How to check brake pads
How to check tread depth
How to check tyre pressure
How to jump start a car
How to change a light bulb - front and back (came in very handy when my Dad tried to get rid of condensation in my lights but could not manage to take out my bulbs, but I was able to take them out)

I would definitely recommend this course. It has made me even more confident in driving, now that I can most likely sort it out if something simple goes wrong with my car, instead of having to pay someone else to. It was also lovely to spend more time with Paul Mansell, and to meet Paul Watts, they made it fun! 
- Molly Harris, Thrupp


When I first started driving, I was very nervous and didn't think I'd ever be able to pass my driving test! Then, I started learning with Paul and his patience and calm demeanour started to build my confidence, and I started to believe I could do it after all.

I was very nervous when carrying out reverse manoeuvres but Paul took the time to explain each one with me and didn't mind how many times I wanted to practice them (which was a lot!). I liked the fact that my lessons were led by me. Paul always asked me each week what I wanted to work on and offered me so much support.

When it came to booking my test, Paul ensured that I felt confident in myself and reassured me that if I wasn't ready then I didn't have to do my test until I was completely sure, which I found very reassuring.

When it came to the day of my test, I was very nervous but after my lessons I knew I was capable of passing. I passed my test first time which I didn't believe would ever happen before I started learning with Paul!

I now have the confidence to drive on my own and would recommend Paul Mansell to anybody, especially nervous drivers like myself. Well worth every penny! - Bev King, Stroud


I started with Paul having never driven a car before and have never looked back! I always looked forward to our weekly lessons because hes so easy to get along with as well as I always felt safe with his guidance. With Paul, he eases you into driving and is very flexible in tailoring to your problem areas. Hes also a great listener, and is very perceptive! He always gave me confidence in my lessons. When it came to the test day I was 110% prepared, and was delighted to pass first time. It can be very hard to find the driving instructor, and I am so incredibly glad that Paul taught me. I simply cannot put into words how highly I recommend him. - Kate Simpson, Rodborough 


Paul is an inspiring teacher who is patient, reliable and clear yet makes learning to drive an enjoyable experience. His step-by-step teaching method made me confident in my driving and enabled me to apply the knowledge I learnt easily. He is a man of many skills who really gets to understand his students, and in doing so knows how he is best able to get out their full potential. When I first started driving I had had no experience before hand and was nervous, but after I came back from my first driving lesson I had a huge smi le on my face and could not wait for the next because he gave me the confidence to realise I was capable of achieving my goal. Most importantly though, I got to know Paul as a friend, making me feel relaxed and happy to be driving, also ending up spending a lot of time laughing either at my mistakes or his acquired sense in jokes! Many of my friends have also learnt with Paul and they all refer to him as how he is “ the best teacher” and great fun to be around; most of which passed first time. It has been a pleasure to learn with Paul and he has given me the guidance and ability to be at ease and confidant while driving by myself and love the experience too. He was the perfect teacher and I would recommend him to anyone! - Larli Geary, Nailsworth


Paul immediately made me feel fully in control and safe in a situation which was new, scary but also very exciting! He made learning to drive fun and informative, I was never bored and was always amazed with the progress I had made at the end of each lesson. Because of Paul, I became a competent and safe driver in no time at all, feeling fully prepared for any eventuality and ready to enjoy my new found freedom. Even when I had passed my test (first time no less) he also helped prepare me further with Pass Plus, which firmly established my confidence as a driver. Thankyou Paul for making the experience of learning to drive so fun and easy! - Kate Wiseman, Paganhill


I learned to drive for a very long time with paul and probably gave him the most hassle!! Learning to drive was one of the scariest things i have ever done...he picked me up for my first lesson and we went to the industrial estate in Stonehouse. We had a long chat about driving and then he said it was my turn...i was terrified. I sat in the drivers seat and cried my eyes out!! But paul managed to calm me down and fill me with lots of confidence. Next thing i knew i was driving a car!!! He is the most patient, calm and happy driving instructor around and im so glad i learned with him. I wasnt the easiest person to teach how to drive but paul did it and after every lesson he made me feel more and more confident and happy with my driving...i couldnt wait until the next lesson.
I highly recommend Paul to anyone, as i have done with several of my friends who i know will agree with me when i say he is top class. You know you are in for a first time pass when you learn to drive with Paul Mansell. 
- Lauren Sutton, Stonehouse

As soon as i started i thought i would never get round to learning everything, let alone get to the stage when i was ready to take my test! But Paul really helped boost my confidence, he went through everything carefully, and with each lesson I began to pick it up quicker, covering all aspects until it was clear. Getting to know Paul was part of the whole experience aswell, making the lessons that much better. The lessons themselves were really well structured and i got alot out of them, being really under-confident i was always nervous of how things would go but going through things slowly and using the knowledge that Paul had given me I became so much happier! I couldn't believe it when i passed first time! But then again it was always going to happen when you get taught by a genius! I'm sure anyone who has Paul as a driving instructor will not be disappointed!- Rian Wherret, Stonehouse


The lesson's with Paul were brilliant, I felt so comfortable and relaxed and to be honest I can't even call them lessons. Yes, I learn't a lot but they were so much fun and so relaxed. I was able to learn at my pace and didn't feel under pressure to do my test but didn't feel I was being held back. Everything was a mutual decision from my 1000 practice parks (I can park now) to my test. I couldn't think of a better way of learning to drive then with Paul.

- Imogen Trow, Bussage


Driving lessons with Paul were always enjoyable and we had a laugh but he is also an excellent teacher. Good use of props to illustrate principles used with the handouts and the website means the information is presented in a novel, easy to understand manner which can be referred back to. Made learning to drive a pleasure, thanks! - Jamie Boden, Brimscombe


A fantastic instructor a great listener and takes a lot of time and care when teaching and explaining, for someone older learning to drive these thought out lessons are perfect!! - Aarron Hewwit, Gloucester


Paul had a unique challenge when we started our lessons.  I had been living and driving in the United States for over 10 years, so rather than just starting from scratch, he had to retrain me and also help me to break all of the bad habits that I had picked up over the years. Paul was an excellent teacher; he was great at explaining techniques and road rules and was endlessly patient.  Our lessons flew by because we always had a laugh and a great chat which made re-learning to drive enjoyable rather than a chore.  He was respectful, professional and honest and really helped me to build my confidence.  Thanks to his training I passed my test with only 3 minors.  It's been three years since I received my license and I haven't had an accident or traffic violation yet!  Thanks Paul! - Chelsey Hill, Nailsworth


All though only a short time, Paul was an absolutely amazing teacher and in the end friend also. He supported me and really built up my confidence in my driving and without him I doubt I would have passed. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and dedicated instructor.
Thank you so much Paul! 
- Mel Vetriano, Stonehouse


Paul Mansell is one of the best teachers I know, not because he got me through my driving test and I passed first time, but how he got me to that point. It was the way he made things easier for me, he remained calm, even in moments of crisis, and I did have a few ropey moments. It was the way he became a friend as well as a teacher, the way he taught me all these little tricks to perfect all the reverses and also giving you a say, he would always ask you what your comfortable with and what you feel you need to work on. But in my experience the best thing about Paul is the way he brings out the confidence in his students, that's what got me that first time pass, the way he made me believe I could do it. So thank you Paul for everything and I would recommend him to every person looking to learn to drive. - Harry Phillips, Whitminster 


Driving lessons with Paul are ace! He's a great instructor, and a great lad. Like most new drivers, I was pretty scared on my first lesson, but Paul's humour and personality makes you feel comfortable, and his laidback, trusting approach puts you at ease. I really recommend Paul to any new driver, he's to the point, but most importantly, a great laugh! (Just don't mention Tottenham's results) - Liam Jones. Stonehouse 


Paul is a very gifted teacher, whom I can highly recommend. He made learning to drive a joy and I absolutely loved my lessons. Through his inner calm, warmth, kindness and sense of humour he created a nurturing learning environment where I felt confident about driving and therefore could also be in the highest possible state of learning. Paul has a depth of human insight that is rare. He was able to clearly perceive who I am and how I learn and accommodated this in his teaching. He taught with clarity and structure and challenged me to thing, so I would find my own answers and learn to think driving. And like most of his clients I passed first time. - Pia Poulsen - Stroud

Really couldn't rate Paul enough! He is a brilliant instructor and a lovely person! He's always up for a laugh and understanding about all situations! Would highly recommend him to everyone! - Emma Tester, Ebley

Paul is a fun and engaging teacher who made me feel at ease immediately. Paul takes you at your own speed and if there is something you are not so confident at he will work on that until you feel confident. His lessons are well structured such that each lesson helps develop each new skill you learn and prepare you for not just your test but driving alone. Overall a fantastic bloke and teacher. Thanks Paul! - Peter Boden, Brimscombe

I've recently passed my driving test first time thanks to the wonderful tuition I received from Paul.  He helped me when I lacked confidence in myself and gave me the belief that I could beat my demons and pass.  Not only was he my mentor but has now become a friend to me and my family and I can't thank him enough. If you need an instructor then this is the man you want. Thank you Paul. - Emily, Minchinhampton.  

The legend that is Paul Mansell. The man has helped me to achieve my dream of passing my test first time.  I can't recommend him enough.  Our lessons were fun, informative and NEVER dull. His knowledge on all subjects helped me achieve success in my theory first time as well as the practical. I had a great time and loved our lessons when every friend of mine unfortunate enough to make the mistake of going with someone else were really not enjoying theirs. I would very happily recommend Paul to anyone. - Ben, Rodborough

I've just passed my test first time and it's thanks to Paul.  He has helped me every step of the way and made the things I was scared of (reverses) look so easy even I could do them. Everything has been explained in detail and in such a way that it was never boring. I loved our lessons and if you have any doubts about who to go to then check him out.  Seriously brilliant! X - Steph, Stroud


I just passed my test this week with Paul Mansell.  I had my doubts that I could do this and every lesson I ended feeling positive and upbeat.  Paul gave me confidence throughout our lessons in every aspect from start to finish.  Theory was something I wasn't looking forward to but I ended up asking question after question where I was enthusiastic to learn more and pass, thanks to Paul's encouragement and patience.  I passed both theory and practical first time and can't wait to get my first car. - Tom, Stroud 

Please learn with Paul! I passed a month ago and have enjoyed the freedom driving has given me.  The lessons were great and so much fun.  I learned in half the time I expected to but still felt that it wasn't too early to take my test.  Paul helped me every step from start to finish and I can't say enough nice things about him after guiding me through each part of the theory and practical with patience, calmness and a great sense of humour. Five of my friends have gone with him and all have passed first time. - Megan, Stonehouse

Paul is patient, funny, calm and now a friend.  I really thought that I would have problems driving but I passed first time with one minor. Paul helped me to understand all parts of driving by patiently explaining everything I needed to know and more.  I was amazed at his knowledge and I felt at ease asking him anything without feeling stupid.  I cannot praise Paul enough for the fantastic lessons that we had and I shall miss his humour, banter and friendship on a weekly basis.  Thank you for changing my life Paul. Xx - Chloe, Stroud 


I passed first time with Paul. My memories of our lessons were of fun and a feeling of having learnt something new every time. Theory was something I thought I would struggle with but Paul went through lots of tests and questions with me and I passed first time with 50 out of 50. I had nightmares about stalling before I started but I have never stalled yet except where we deliberately did it so we could learn how to start up quickly and safely.  Paul has patience and is really great at making people feel good about themselves. He praised me when I did things right and encouraged me when I did things wrong. I felt for the first time in my life that learning something was fun and not something that I was going to get shouted at or made to feel stupid. I have passed Paul's name on to my friends and would tell everyone to go with him. - Luke, Stonehouse

My son Nathan went with Paul Mansell Driving School and passed first time.  I found Paul through his excellent website and felt straight away that this was the school for my son.  Having talked to Paul I could tell that he was a really nice person and was very knowledgable. He did everything he could to help Nathan in all aspects of driving including theory and went beyond what I considered to be required for a driving instructor. No question went unanswered and Paul's honesty and patience always put my mind at ease. I am so happy to recommend Paul to anyone and very glad to submit this testimony if it would persuade a parent or potential driver to go to this school with confidence that they would receive  a magnificent standard of tuition.

- Emily, Kings Stanley


My friends recommended this great, friendly driving instructor that they were, or had been, with called Paul Mansell.  I was a late starter due to nerves and despite the reviews, I was reluctant to trust myself behind the wheel of a car.  I eventually raised the courage to go for it and the first person I tried was Paul. I felt at ease straight away and was even laughing and joking before we ended our telephone conversation.  To be fair, I did ring two other instructors to compare but from that first phonecall there was only one instructor for me.  I had to still get in the car of course, but I need not have worried.  From that first lesson to our last, Paul was the most amazing instructor who understood every reservation and moment of doubt that I had.  I was helped every inch of the way with such compassion and gentleness that it was as if he was a relative or a dear friend, (which I will always think of him as).  I could not believe how easy and well explained Paul made things appear and to my amazement, I could do reverses before I knew it. 


When it came near the test, Paul was fantastic! as I had another moment of crisis.  He calmed me and made me believe I could do this test.  I took the test, passed first time and was so glad that the first person I told was Paul. I have laughed and cried with Paul and laughed until I cried as well! If anyone wishes to find a driving instructor that can make them believe they can perform miracles then please, please

ring Paul.


I will never forget you or the times we've had.  Thank you so, so much! - Sophie, Brimscombe


As soon as I got in the car with Paul I felt safe, calm and in control. I always looked forward to our lessons as he tries to make driving a fun experience and not a necessary day to day thing. He's always happy to have a laugh and a joke without distracting you from the road and surroundings. Not only did Paul teach me how to pass my test but he also taught me how to drive by myself which was something my previous instructor never did. Paul makes sure you fully understand everything he says and if you don't then he tries his best to help you even if it means playing with toy cars. I had a different instructor before who's techniques were hard to understand so I often ended up on the curb. Paul's techniques were very easy to get a handle of quickly as he tried to put it in a way that I would understand instead of a way that most people would understand. Also I found I was able to learn at my own pace and I wasn't being rushed into taking a test I wasn't ready for. Not only is Paul good at keeping a lid on the more confident drivers and making sure they don't go over board but he's also very good at keeping the nervous ones calm and at ease. I didn't know him before our lessons but I would now consider him a good friend and would recommend him to anyone wanting to drive. - Taneaka, Thrupp


I have recently passed my driving test and feel that I must thank Paul for this. Without his fantastic tuition throughout my lessons I don't think that I would have got anywhere near the standard I required. Some of my friends went with Paul which is why I went with him too. He was so highly recommended as a patient teacher which I felt I needed. He was everything that my friends had told me and I enjoyed every moment of our lessons. Some friends had told me of their lessons with other instructors and how they didn't like the lessons very much and this caused me some concern, but I didn't need to worry with Paul. He explained everything to me in such a way that I didn't feel stupid, (even when I got things wrong) and each stage was handled in a very informative and humorous way that made it all easy to understand. Paul was extremely patient as I admit I'm not the easiest person to teach. I can't remember one time when I felt frustrated for not picking things up, as I do sometimes in school classes, and every time I seemed to think to myself that the next part was going to be too much for me Paul was there to reassure and help me. Paul was the best person for me and I feel so lucky he was able to take me on. I would recommend him to anyone, especially if they are at all lacking in confidence. I know Paul has a long waiting list, but I fully understand why. I consider him to be a very popular teacher and with this in mind I would ask anyone who may think they can't wait for Paul to get them onto his diary to be patient. It is so worth it. Thank you Paul for your help, your understanding, your patience, your jokes and most of all, your friendship. - Sophie, Stroud

My son has just passed his driving test with Paul Mansell Driving School and we, as a family, couldn't be more pleased with the care, consideration, patience and all round wonderful tuition that Paul has given throughout the time Jake was learning.  The standard was of the highest order and everyone is so happy that we took up on the high recommendations we had heard about Paul from Jake's friends.  I would fully recommend anyone to learn with Paul and if they had some any choice difficulties then they should visit and look at his website, as it is second to none.  It just backs up Paul's credentials as one of the best (if not the best) instructors in the area.  Jake passed first time and is driving with such competence and confidence. Thank you Paul. - Simon and Jane H, Stroud


I tried two driving instructors prior to finding Paul Mansell Driving School but I chose Paul and this was a very good decision as his patient teaching style made it easy and enjoyable to learn to drive and as a result, i passed first time. - James Ayre, Stroud

I can honestly say that learning to drive has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and without the help of Paul, i don't think i would have had half the fun i did!  With diagrams, thorough explanations and examples Paul always ensured i fully understood everything that he was teaching me.  Not only was his style of teaching brilliant but he really cares about his students, seeing them through the tests and beyond.  A great teacher who i would happily recommend to anyone, and a really great guy, making hours worth of driving an absolute joy.

thanks Paul. All the best! Ells - Ellie Hewer, Painswick



When I started my driving lessons I was very nervous and didn't believe I could actually do it!  However, after having lessons with Paul he really made me feel like I could do it and I rapidly started gaining confidence behind the wheel. He explained everything so well and was really understanding if there was anything I didn't understand!  


Driving lessons with Paul were never dull and boring.  It was always a laugh and we were always working on things I could improve, he always made sure I was doing my best.  


Overall, an absolutely brilliant instructor, I would happily recommend him to everyone! - Sophie Conboy, Brimscombe.



I started learning to drive with Paul last year, and have loved every minute of it. Not at any stage did he make me feel as though I wasn't capable to learn everything.

Paul is 100% sure to make your driving lessons not only informative...but a lot of fun too! He is a very inspiring teacher, and has all the time in the world for anybody! The best thing about our lessons is that they weren't rushed. I was able to learn everything at my pace, and all the way through Paul was so reassuring. I always felt comfortable and relaxed, and always looked forward to the weekly lessons that I had. Paul has one of the best personalities there are, and with learning such a daunting new skill, this is the sort of driving instructor you should be looking to have.

It was such an achievement to pass my driving test with only having 19 lessons. You really can't go wrong, and personally I can't thank Paul enough for everything he has done for me over the last few months. Highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start driving. 

Thank you so much Paul!!  
- Molly Gardner, Ebley



I would in every way recommend Paul to anybody wanting to learn to drive. The lessons are thoroughly enjoyable and for me were the one point of the week I always looked forward to. From the first lesson I felt confident behind the wheel as I knew that if something did go wrong, I was in good hands and wouldn't have an angry instructor shouting at me. The lessons are fun, informative and not only teach you to pass your test but teach you how to drive in a safe manner after passing. This has been crucial to me since passing as I often think of advice Paul gave me while I'm driving. Just little things like which gear to select on certain hills really help after passing. As well as this, all of the help during my theory test prep was crucial to me passing. I could never thank Paul enough and will be first to recommend his services to anybody who tells me they're wanting to learn to drive - Connor Heaven, Box



Paul is a brilliant teacher and bloke, i really looked forward to every lesson i had with him. He makes you feel relaxed and confident with his unique lesson style, he was always the first to crack a joke and have a laugh to put you at ease but was always proffessional aswell. He explained everything in a easy way to understand and his demonstrations with toy cars was legend!!. Paul is a very honest guy, and will advise you when your ready for your test. I had my test booked for the end of the month but he believed i could pass straight away so asked if i wanted to take a earlier test, he didnt want me to waste my time and money so we went for an earlier test and i passed!!

Thank you Paul for helping me pass my test, i would highly recommend you to anybody thinking of taking driving lessons. Cheer mate!

- Shaun Collins, Kingsway



If anyone asks me for a good driving instructor, without hesitating I tell them to go with Paul - Every time I went on a lesson he'd always make me feel comfortable in the drivers seat. I knew that if I ever made a mistake, I wouldn't have an angry Paul shouting at me, because he is not like that, he's laid back and I always felt safe with him by my side. Unlike other instructors, where they just teach you how to pass your test, Paul taught me how to become a safe driver, and gave me good advice how to drive after passing my test without any of his experience next to me.

If you're worried about your theory test, like I was. Then Paul is definitely your man to go for. I genuinely didn't think I would pass my theory, but with Paul's help, giving me booklets, DVD's, websites and his own knowledge, I passed it first time!

Cheers Paul for helping me become a good driver and passing my test with only six minors.

Thanks for everything - going to miss spending my Thursday evenings with you mate.

- Ollie Davis, Brimscombe



Learning to drive with Paul has been a truly special experience. Every lesson was an invaluable learning opportunity, and I feel this was why progression was so rapid and satisfying.

Driving with Paul took all of the worry out of learning something daunting; I always felt at ease and thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. It was consistently a process tailored to my needs and with clear explanations. Thanks Paul for being so patient with me, and filling me with so much driving confidence and competence. - Lucy Simpson, Rodborough



What a difference learning to drive has made to my life.  Paul has brought me on from a nervous pupil to a confident driver who can now drive on the motorway, or any road that I like.  When I applied for my provisional licence I never thought that I would ever get to this stage.  Nerves played their part on the first day but before we got to the industrial estate, where I took my first lesson, Paul was making me laugh and put me completely at ease.  From that lesson to the last I enjoyed every moment and at times cannot believe how I managed to learn anything as we seemed to have so much fun! But I did learn and every lesson boosted my confidence so much that my parents noticed how I was changing my attitude to everything.  My parents will always say how much Paul has changed me for the better and I cant thank him enough for the life changing experience.  I will always remember my lessons with great affection and would recommend every one of you who wants to learn to drive to try and get on Paul's waiting list and be patient.  It will be worth it.  Thank you so much Paul. - Becky Jones, Stroud



Thank you Paul for all your help with my driving experience. I am so grateful for the way you have helped me from that nervous person that got into your car to the person I am now.  I could not have asked for a better instructor and also one that had the sense of humour, compassion and patience that I required. You always put me at ease in every circumstance, including one that really upset me when I made a mistake at the roundabout in Gloucester.  Your reassurance and logic helped me through that moment and gave me a learning experience instead of a fear of getting into that situation again and for that I shall never forget how you did it and will use it in my future job.  


I will never forget our time and cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me (and for being my life coach and cousellor!!!!) I am going to miss our lessons. - Katy Phillips, Stonehouse



From day one Paul said that he wasnt interested in anything else than making me a safe driver.  I was suprised at first because a few of my brother's mates had said that their driving instructors had taken them around Gloucester test routes only and I expected us to do the same.  I soon realised that Paul was different to them as he pointed out that I would be driving to more places than just the test routes and it wasnt long before we were driving around all sorts of roads.  We have covered so many different aspects of driving from theory to practical and every question was answered with a full explanation and often a demonstration or visit to a place so that I could see the answer in action. I passed both my theory and practical tests first time and feel that if I had gone to the instructors my brother's mates had gone to I would not have got the same result.  I feel that I am a good all round driver and that is down to the expert teaching of Paul.  Thank you mate and see you out on the road.

- Sam Colebrook, Nailsworth.



i have just passed my driving test today and could not be more thrilled.  This is down to the teaching of Paul Mansell.  I had driven 20 hours with another local instructor who I had chosen because he was teaching my friend. I really wish I hadn't gone with him because I felt that I was being held back but when I asked to go with Paul I knew on the phone that he was going to be good for me and gave up asking around straight away.  Paul was dearer than the other instructor but I after our first lesson I could see that I was getting so much value for money.  Everything was explained to me in such a way that I could understand it and my confidence grew so much that I really thought that I had learned more in two hours than I did in the previous twenty.  I passed my theory first time with the programme that Paul had on his website and with his help in the car and chatting on the programme I always knew that I had someone there guiding me.  I also passed my practical first time and this was because Paul reassured me at every stage, especially my reverses.  I went to both tests so well prepared that it was just like a lesson and because I enjoyed them so much I didnt feel that nervous.  I cant recommend Paul highly enough and nor can my parents.  Thank you Paul for your guidance, sense of humour and confidence building and watch out for someone waving to you from a silver Corsa!! xx - Kirsty Andrews,  Stroud



As a new person to the area I knew nothing about the quality of the driving instructors locally so my family and I did our research through Google and my parents picked out Paul as a good driving instructor based on his brilliant website.  He was the first person that I rang but we had seen a lot of websites.  I am delighted to say that I am so glad that I spoke to him first, though I am sure that the other instructors are very nice people, Paul was funny, straight forward, very thorough and so helpful.  He then carried this through EVERY lesson.  Sometimes I dont know how I managed to learn and have so much fun at the same time but it obviously worked!  I had a look at some of the other testimonials before writing mine to see if others had the same experience as I did and it seems that they did.  I too, passed both tests first time. I too, had a fantastic learning experience.  I too, had such a laugh and I too, can call Paul a friend and regard him as the ideal teacher.  I would recommend Paul highly to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a way that they would find tremendously enjoyable.  My brother cant wait for his seventeenth birhday! - Josie Grey,  Stroud



I approached Paul to see if he would help me to pass my practical driving test. I am so glad that I did, not only did this gentleman enable me to achieve a pass, his tuition and expert advise enabled me to achieve a pass with zero advisories. As an older driver (40's) and more set in my ways than the younger newer drivers Paul surpassed all expectation and persevered with his always humorous advise to correct my many faults. Anyone looking to learn to drive I would highly recommend Paul and am completely sure you will not be disappointed. Paul you sir are a #Legend - Marc Warwick, Matson



Paul was recommended to me by several different people and I'm so glad that I took their advice and chose to learn to drive with him. Paul was, professional and patient at all times and made me feel at ease and relaxed. With his expertise I passed first time with 4 minors. He was able to give me the confidence and encouragement that I needed to get through and pass my test and become a safe driver. His combination of seriousness and sense of humour is just what I needed in a driving instructor. I cannot recommend him highly enough! - Adam Chandler, Stonehouse



I went to Paul Mansell Driving School on a recommendation of a friend of mine.  I had heard so many good things about how she looked forward to her lessons every week and that how she had learned in a way that was entirely to how she needed to learn, as opposed to how school was teaching her.  I had also taken notice of how a lot of our other friends absolutely hated their lessons or had complaints in one form or another. It seemed that Sophie was the only one getting on well so it was a no brainer to ask Paul.  It was a slight knock back to learn that he had such a long waiting list as I had put the process off for so long but having read through the other testimonials, I realised that this was down to popularity and I made the decision to wait.  Wow! was I glad that I did!!!  Paul was exceptional from the time that I spoke to him and immediately put me completely at ease.  I felt part of the complete procedure and was always asked how I felt, my opinion, if I understood and was always made to feel as though I could ask him anything, however stupid the question might seem to be!  I passed my theory first time with Pauls help and the app on his excellent website when my friends had failed and seemed to receive little or no help from their instructors.  I also went on through the mystifying reverses which were so easy to understand in the end and passed my test first time with only three minors.  It beat all my other friends!!!! The reason why I decided to write a testimonial was to encourage ANYONE who wants to learn to drive to forget about the waiting time and just go with him.  I had the best time, the funniest times and just a great experience with Paul.  I am now a safe and competent driver (Mums words!) and I owe it to Paul and his methods. Thank you so so much Paul xx - Amy James, Stroud



Having already had some driving experience with a previous instructor, I was looking for another to get me through my test. Paul was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm very glad I took her advice. He was patient, encouraging, very thorough and generally just a good laugh! Thanks to him, I came out on top, passing first time. He's a great guy and I would highly recommend! - Dan Curran, Cashes Green



Paul was brilliant.  A great sense of humour, brilliant methods (watch out for the toy cars!!!), and very thorough. He is patient and always got the best out of me.  Passed first time on my theory and practical. Def recommend this top man on to anyone wanting to learn. - James Jones, Stonehouse



I have already recommended Paul to a few of my friends, and will carry on recommending him whenever someone is thinking of learning to drive. He makes you feel comfortable with everything you are doing whilst out on the road with him and he even offers to help with the theory test. He offers an environment that makes learning to drive as easy as possible and enjoyable. Lessons were never boring and any nerves I had before each lesson were soon eradicated by Paul's personality and teaching methods. Anyone that chooses Paul will not be let down! - Matt Pearce, Thrupp



Just have to say a big thank you to Paul Mansell who helped me pass my driving test with three minors.  I am so happy with the result and I cant tell you how much this is down to Paul's help and patience.  Paul is so easy to get on with and made me feel so relaxed during the lessons and im sure that is what helped me get over my nerves.  I passed my theory and practical first time and find it crazy every time i think about it.  Paul helped me through the hard times with the theory and patiently showed me some learning techniques which I shall take with me through my life. I am really happy to write this and hope that pupils will read my testimonial and pick up the phone and ring Paul.  He is a legend and an inspiration. - Becca Norton, Stroud



Amazing driving instructor! Paul has to be the most committed driving instructor that I have ever met. He ensures that each lesson is catered specially for the student, which boosts their strong points and improves their weak points. The time and effort Paul puts into his driving work is truly amazing. He has amazing people skills, and a brilliant sense of humor which will put you at ease from the very start. Whatever driving ability, Paul is right there to support and encourage you the whole way through.


The past 6 months that I have been driving with Paul, has been fantastic! Words can't describe the amount of fun I've had learning to drive! I can now proudly say that I have passed my test first time! The friendship I've made with Paul, is something I will always treasure. All I can say, is thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal in driving! See you on road! - Jess Scarborough, Forest Green



Paul was highly recommended by my brother and his friends and I am so glad that I went with him as well. I joined the 80% first time passes that Paul has and I can see why. He is friendly, professional, supportive, conciencious and puts things across in such a way that was clearly suited and adapted to me personally.  I needed help with theory and nothing was too much trouble at any time. I cant thank Paul enough for his time and expertise.  i would highly recommend him to any person wanting to learn to drive and pass well. - Sarah Stevens, Minchinhampton

I would definitely recommend Paul to any learner drivers out there, always patient and able to explain things to me clearly and we were able to move at a pace right for me. Also very flexible around whatever schedule I had. - Cameron Moth, Uplands



Paul Mansell well what can I say!?!  I could sit here a write a long essay about how amazing he is but he may not be able to fit back in the car! I will write however that I have truly had the best possible learning/driving experience I think I could ever have. My confidence was at an all time low as I have had two car accidents (not my fault may I add! lol) so needless to say I bit the bullet and asked Paul to teach me.

We have had a brilliant time lots of laughs, tears (Paul's mainly) and fun. He made me feel like I can achieve anything and I did!! First time pass with ONLY one minor! I can not recommend him highly enough 😃 - Jenna Collier, Stroud


Unbelievably happy with Paul Mansell driving school ltd and would recommend him to anyone. Friendly, understanding and very patient! Thank you for making it possible for me to pass my test Paul 😁 - Rachel Burns, Cashes Green



Paul was my second instructor due to not being able to work my times with my old instructor but with paul he fits you in when you are available! He is very professional but is also funny and easy to get along with which makes the lesson enjoyable would recommend Paul too anyone. 
Thankyou Paul!
  - Tom Sullivan, Cashes Green



Driving wasn't something I took naturally to, and had I not had such an amazing instructor who knows where I'd be right now?! 

Paul is one of the most patient people I've ever met who really strives to bring out the best in each of his pupils. We battled through my frustration, my very frequent tears and my nerves, to get me to my test and I was over the moon with the result :)

He tailors the lessons to the pupil, giving you an equal say into what we focus the lessons on and how fast we move. He's always honest, which I found essential and very useful in increasing my achievements of each lesson. 

I'd highly recommend Paul Mansell to anyone looking for an instructor as not only is he a brilliant teacher, he's funny, caring and a great person to be around. I've found a friend in Paul and I'll really miss my lessons. - Lauren Chandler, Stonehouse



I was taught from scratch by Paul. He is an excellent teacher and makes things on the road easier to understand. Very approachable and easy to get along with on a one to one. Would recommend to anyone looking for lessons. - Milo Riseley Prichard, Stroud



Fantastic!  Paul helped me so much and my first time pass was largely down to Paul and his amazing method of teaching. Paul is an excellent teacher, explaining every detail without over doing it, but making it interesting and interactive.  I had an input with all parts of my lesson and was made to feel that it was always a joint effort, which I appreciated.  If I can advise anybody that is looking for the best instructor around please try Paul. You wont be disappointed.

- Laura Smith, Stroud



Absolutely chuffed to say that I passed my driving test today. A huge thanks to Paul Mansell for being my instructor. You taught me a variety of things - not just driving, which I appreciate hugely and will remember for years to come. - Joe Martin, Rodborough



I highly recommend Paul as he is a great instructor. I was a very nervous driver when I started with Paul but he soon put so much confidence into me and helped me pass first time! If you are nervous about driving then you should definately contact Paul for lessons. He also made me feel so comfortable with lessons as im generally a nervous person but he made me comfortable from my first lesson. - Sophie Probert, Standish



I have just passed my driving test first time.  I cannot believe it as I am normally not very good at tests but I can only thank the best instructor/teacher that I have ever met for my results in the driving and theory tests, which I also passed first time.  The time and patience that Paul gave me throughout my lessons with him were so different from that given to me at school.  Paul was helpful, knowledgeable, considerate in every way and this was just what I needed.  I must have been a nightmare to teach but Paul never gave up on me and here I am, a driver!  If you need a recommendation for someone who can work miracles then ring this man.  Paul will get you through anything, guaranteed!  Thank you so much. - Molly Wallender, Cashes Green



Really useful and supportive. The techniques used for manoeuvres were really helpful. - Libbie Herbert, Seven Waters



Brilliant all-round instructor with a great personality! Paul taught me so much about both theory and practical driving and i passed first time (which i thought would never happen) i would definitely recommend. - Megan McDermott, Cashes Green



2 years ago i passed my driving test after only 6 months learning (about 10 lessons) I never thought i would pass as i have an anxiety disorder but Paul Mansell is an amazing man who made me believe in myself and help me achieve my dream - this man is by far the best driving instructor in Gloucestershire!! - Leah Timbrell, Kings Stanley



What a great result!  Passed first time! Who would have thought five months ago? All down to the fantastic tuition from Paul.  All through the course I have been helped every step, from theory to practical and never has Paul faltered in his encouragement, patience and supreme knowledge.  I could not have asked for a better instructor and would recommend any one of you thinking of driving, please dont bother with anyone else, this man is THE man!

- Megan Watkins, Stroud



Paul Mansell is an excellent driving instructor. I was a pupil of his for just over eight months and during that time found him to be an invaluable mentor and help.  With his friendly teaching approach and calm personality there was never a lesson when I felt as though he was annoyed or exasperated with my driving. In addition, he provided a very well-balanced driving education with not only the correct tools to pass the tests (both theory and practical) but also invaluable, practical, general advice on driving in real scenarios. 
All in all I would highly recommend Paul Mansell as an instructor to anyone! 
- Aidan Brachi, Stroud



Paul had been an amazing instructor, very helpful with everything. Have had great laughs on lessons which makes it a lot more enjoyable and calming. A great instructor, would highly recommend. - Jacob Scrivens, Stroud



Paul, you have been amazing!!!
When I started lessons with Paul I was terrified of driving and had no confidence. He has such a calm nature and was really good at explaining how and why we do things. 

He was always on time, reliable, and we were able to laugh with each other. I actually found driving fun! I would strongly recommend learning to drive with Paul to anyone who will listen, he made me feel strong, safe and confident every lesson. Without him, I really don't think I would have been able to pass and certainly not first time!

Thanks for everything Paul, I really will miss you - Hannah Portch-Cullis, Stroud



Paul is a great instructor. he has always been calm and patient and execeptionally understanding.

I started off as a

Paul expertly guided me through my lessons and always offered continuous support with passing my theory etc. I cant thank him enough for teaching me one of the most important skills you can have in life. Thank you!!!

Thanks again Paul - Camilla Atkinson, Bussage



I was very happy with the level of tuition and service, from start to finish I felt very much up to date in terms of my own progress,all aspects of the test etc were handled smoothly and I felt as if I was valued as a client and treated with patience and respect.


I would reccomend Paul to anyone looking to learn how to drive, whatever level of previous experience they may have. Zed MacDonald,  Leonard Stanley



Passed both my theory and practical tests first time and would definitely not have been able to do it with anyone else but Paul!!! He helped me 100% every step of the way!!! I would definitely recommend Paul if you want to become a confident and safe driver!!! Thanks so much Paul!!! - Oscar Trenchard,  Stroud



I could not have wished for a better instructor, Paul is The Don. He really accommodated my situation in terms of time available and was such a fantastic teacher: I learnt so much, so quickly. Having known him for many years it was a no brainier to choose him as an instructor but I can now fully appreciate just how fortunate that was! I absolutely aced my test, first time, and that was all thanks to him. I can't thank him enough as driving has changed mine and my family's life. Thanks Paul. - Adam Seed,  Stroud



Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor.   He made things so simple and has many great and funny ways to help you remember things. Paul is such a great guy and you'll have loads of laughs along the way for sure, but most importantly the best instructor out there! I would definitely recommend him!! Thanks again Paul, you've been amazing! - Robert Dimery, Rodborough



Paul makes you feel relaxed and at ease and is very thorough with his teaching, he's trustworthy and great company! His methods are amazing and so easy to follow! .. Always at the end of the phone if you get stuck!

Highly recommend! 5* passed my theory and practical tests first time with only one minor! Millie Clist,  Stonehouse



Just like to give a shout out to Paul Mansell as its 10 years today since I passed my driving test! Woo! 🎉🎈🙌🏻😀
It was in the morning in the rain and it was the day before I went to uni as well! 

I knew Paul back when he first went 'rogue' from BSM and I had never driven before, but in just over a year he instilled the confidence and know-how I needed to me get through it all. 

So thank you to an instructor with an awesome sense of humour and great patience, (I certainly had my strops and doubts about myself so these traits were useful) 😅) 👍🏻👏🏻 - Emily McGaw, Stroud



I remember Paul going rogue half way through my lessons too from BSM. My pass was 10 years back in December last year! I still remember my examiner was a chap called I++ H+++++ and I was the only one that passed out of all that had their test at the same time; but then I was the only one who was taught by Paul! ;) Steven Nobes,  Bussage



I wasn't going to post anything but I decided I had to. Passed my practical driving test! Thankyou Paul Mansell so so much for everything you have done, you've put up with me on good days and bad. I could not have had a better instructor and I would recommend to anyone. You will be missed.🚗

- Leah Butt, Cashes Green



Paul is a first rate driving instructor and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone! He's patient, funny, kind and really knows his stuff. Thanks so much, Paul, I don't think I could've passed my test without you! Katie Scott, Stroud



Such a great teacher! I would recommend him to anyone I knew. Such a good laugh and loved his lessons. Got me though theory first time and my practical ! Gonna miss him. Thank you Paul. xx Emily Jones, Thrupp



Just passed my test first time and with the brilliant help from my instructor Paul Mansell.  Cant believe it!  I would recommend Paul to anyone as he is so patient, (He needed to be) and helped me every step of the way.  I had a great deal of worry towards my theory and I was amazed that with Pauls free app and his help, that i passed first time with really good marks. The way that Paul worked to my practical test was so good.  I was so relaxed and Paul remained patient and so funny all the way.  My experience of learning to driving was brilliant and i am so glad that I went with Paul. Katy Taylor,  Rodborough



Paul Mansell is the best driving instructor!!!!!! I passed my theory 1st time in which Paul helped me out with massively, as well as passing my theory 1st time I also passed my practical!!! When it came to my tests, I was so so nervous and didn't believe in my self at all, despite this Paul stood by my side and helped me through it, he believed in me and because of this I got excellent results! Paul is so friendly and so easy to get along with. If you struggle with anything then he will explain it more simply until you understand. He is very patient, which is good because I never drove a car before my first lesson! I couldn't recommend him enough, I'm so sad that our lessons have ended because he made them so enjoyable!! Thank you for everything Paul, I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!! Megan Cooke,  Forest Green



Paul is a wonderful instructor, 100% committed and extremely easy to get along with! He also has an extremely lovely and relaxed persona which helps a lot. I had previously struggled with a different instructor and came to Paul for help, he was nothing but outstanding and beyond helpful from the very beginning, even though I spent just 9/10 hours with paul, I can easily say I've never felt so relaxed and at ease during the whole time I was learning. I failed my test before I went to Paul and didn't have a lot of confidence for my next one, but with his dedication to me and my determination, he got me through it all and I passed with flying colours!! Extremely wonderful instructor and I truly recommend him to anyone and everyone who is looking to start learning!

- Tayah Allen, Leonard Stanley



Thank you so much, such a great driving instructor got me though first time ! Such a laugh! Emily Jones,  Thrupp



Paul was recommended to me from a friend and I am honestly so glad that I took up the recommendation! I could not have wished for a better teacher for what is such an important (not to mention difficult and scarily new) thing to learn. He approaches teaching the very basics of driving in a way that makes them seem simple, logical and very easy to remember. It's clear to me that he has a lot of experience in teaching and that he knows exactly the way to explain what are pretty tricky concepts in a way that fits each pupil individually- there are bits of advice that he's given me that will stick with me for the rest of my driving life. All driving instructors' aim is to help their pupils pass their practical test, but Paul approaches teaching with the ultimate goal of making his pupils safe and sensible drivers- after all those are the ones that pass their tests! Not only that, but his knowledge of the local area means he can always find a route to make use of all of the lesson, no matter the traffic or weather conditions. Paul is also a genuine and friendly guy- definitely a people person! He always has a story to tell and I have never once not looked forward to a lesson (except my first, and he pretty soon calmed my nerves). I will honestly miss lessons with him, and I'm so grateful for having had such a good instructor! Andrew Wright,  Avening



I passed my test on the 24th January. Before speaking about the lessons, I'd say that Paul was the best person to talk to before my test. He is a laid back guy that made me feel at ease and he truly understands the driving tests. I was very hesitant when I first started driving but as soon as I had one lesson with Paul I knew I'd be comfortable. He has great "banter" between students and his little methods of doing things make you feel so confident when you're going through manoeuvres. Throughout my test I felt comfortable with what I was doing because I could remember Paul's hints and tips about seemingly anything you can imagine. He always walks you through situations calmly and makes you feel comfortable. The thing that puts Paul head and shoulders above the rest is how nice a guy he is. He truly cares about you being a good driver and he always took an interest in making sure things were working out best for me. He is a top bloke and I couldn't ask for anyone better! I have already recommended him to my friends and will continue to recommend him to everyone who asks about driving! Want to drive? Give Paul Mansell a ring. Andrew Lee,  Uplands



Really impressive service from the initial 17th birthday present voucher to getting my son through both theory and practical tests first time. Paul is a first class instructor and highly recommended Tracy Hannis,  Stonehouse



Had a brilliant experience learning to drive with Paul. He was very helpful at making things clear and easy, always having a laugh as well. I always looked forward to my lessons and they helped me to be a confident driver and to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Jackson Hannis,  Stonehouse



Great instructor! Puts so much effort in to try and do his best for his pupils, and goes the extra mile to make sure they are safe on the roads. Really enjoyed my lessons, he has great techniques and methods he uses in his teaching! Really recommend Paul. Ellie Chandler,  Stonehouse



Since my first driving lesson with Paul I've felt I couldn't be learning with a better instructor, he puts 110% into each and every lesson and it really shows. I joined Paul as a new driver and was very nervous to begin with, but Paul's patience and witty sense of humour put me at ease and I am now a confident driver thanks to his dedication to his work. From your first lesson, to your theory and right up to your driving test Paul explains everything fully using his diagrams and demonstrations, leaving nothing to chance. After passing my driving test I can honestly say I couldn't of done it with anybody else; I will genuinely miss my lessons with Paul and would recommend him to anybody Summer Short-Wood,  Whiteshill



Could not have asked for a better driving instructor! Paul is so patient and makes every step of learning to drive easy to understand! Even when I was struggling Paul was able to make me feel confident in my driving. Not only is Paul a great instructor but a great friend and lessons were never dull with him! Paul is so understanding! I can imagine I was difficult to teach but he never gave up on me or made me ever doubt myself! I am so thankful to Paul for all of his help in getting me through my driving test and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Hazel Doyle-Hammond,  Lightpill



One of the greatest achievements ever.  I was a difficult prospect to teach as learning was never my thing but Paul saw past this and made driving a really good experience.  I learned so much and was guided through my theory so easily and knowledgeably, which was worth the money itself.  Still cannot believe that I got through first time.  Then Paul only went and helped me get through my practical test first time too.  I now have a job that involves driving so he has helped me change my life around more than I could have thought.  How can someone thank this guy for doing so much?  Patience of a saint, understanding, excellent and professional.  I owe you so much mate. Jack Statham,  Stroud



Firstly, I just want to thank Paul for all the support and the encouragement he's given me during my lessons. He's an absolutely incredible teacher and explains everything in detail to make it clear to me and, I'm sure, other learners. He's an instructor that wants his learners to do the best that they possibly can.

I would definitely recommend Paul to any other people wanting to learn how to drive. Ryan Hurn,  Cashes Green



Paul is a great guy and an excellent instructor. Although I was struggling to build my confidence enough to not only pass my test but become a safe driver as well, with Paul's help I was able to overcome my nerves and smash through my test (not literally). His humor and friendliness were not only enjoyable but also of great help to me when it came to learning to drive and I think he should be your first choice when deciding on a driving instructor. Couldn't recommend more. Ashley Salmon,  Leonard Stanley



Paul was such an amazing driving instructor, had so much patience with me while I tried not to destroy his car. He really takes his time with you and makes sure that you're going to be an incredibly safe driver. I cannot thank him enough for getting me on the road. Evie Norbury, Randwick



Not only a great driving instructor, but a great friend. Had such a brilliant time learning with him! Passed first time today with 5 minors. Couldn't have done that with any other instructor. Thanks for everything Paul :)Miranda Saul,  Box



Although Paul might have bullied me, he helped me pass first time! I've had a fab time learning to drive and I've got to say I will miss the lessons a lot.. even the bullying!

In all seriousness, Paul has turned me into a confident driver, even though I was constantly stalling my own car for a few months he helped give me the confidence to go out in it as much as I could to get used to it. Paul adjusts to teaching you the way which works best for you from the very first lesson. He helped me a lot with my theory, going through any small questions I had and made sure I could do hazard perception. I feel very happy driving around my area (even if both me and Paul hate how big a hill it is), this is because Paul doesn't just get you ready for the test but really makes sure you're safe on the road. We've had a right laugh in our lessons and it's been a great experience! Helen Rogers, Stroud





Paul has been a fantastic instructor. I was very nervous when I started driving and Paul was the third instructor i tried - He was extremely friendly and put me at ease. I have now passed my test and I can't thank Paul enough for his patience and confidence in me. Thank you for the enjoyable lessons!

- Hannah Champion, Nailsworth



Moved to Paul from a previous instructor which had made me lose my confidence, however Paul made me feel at ease with his incredible patience and good humour. Passed first time! Highly recommend. - Tiegan Cambridge, Stonehouse



5 star driving instructor, highly recommended.  Lessons were always fun and cheerful with getting a lot of driving done.

Our lessons were not all based on test routes but on being a safe driver.

Such a down to earth person and very easy to get along with. 

Can't thank him enough for all the support and belief in me to pass the test! Jesse Bull, Stonehouse



I can't believe it's been a year already!.. This time last year I was running on very little sleep and was sure I would fail my driving test because of it.. and yet I didn't, I somehow managed to pass with only one minor! .. thanks again to the support of the incredible driving instructor that I was fortunate to have met, passing my test meant a lot more to me than just being able to drive, it was about achieving something that I've always wanted to achieve and all of the opportunities that it presented, if you want a really good, supportive and brilliant instructor then Paul Mansell is the one ☝️ , he's more than an instructor.. he is also a friend ☺️  Millie Clyst, Stonehouse



Fantastic experience.  Funny, knowledgeable, knows how to handle people and just such a nice person.  I had a really great time learning to drive and would highly recommend Paul to anybody.  Ellie Stevens, Stroud




Paul was recommended to me by a friend and after my dad researched some other instructors.  He was impressed with the website so I gave him a ring.  I had to wait a while for a lesson as he was busy and although i was a little disappointed, i now understand why he was busy. Paul is brilliant and explained everything from lesson 1.  He has some great ways of making things stay in your mind and they work.  I did really well on my theory and got 50/50 and this was down to the patient way Paul went through things.  I will never forget the lessons and the kindness and friendship he showed me.  I sure it was hard work but I passed first time on both tests with Paul backing me all the way.  Will always recommend him x  Emily Gordon, Stroud  



I couldn't recommend Paul enough. From a very nervous first lesson back in my early 20's, i bit the bullet and got back into learning to drive.

After 2 or 3 lessons my confidence grew and my nerves got less and less thanks to Pauls thorough and calming approach to teaching.

After 10 months of lessons (with a few breaks) i finally passed and feel so relieved that it's a life skill finally checked off for good. Paul is an amazing teacher with a genuine care for his students and that comes across with these great results he's producing. Thank you for the laughs and chat's along the way - they will be missed! See you on the road!  James Woods, Kings Stanley 



Wanted to say that I was extremely pleased with results of our time together. We managed to pass the exam within a relatively short period considering I started learning in late February, had a month or so out for A Levels and then passed in August 6 months later. Your teaching style and tenacity for me to succeed, was both inspiring and rewarding. By not hanging about with the simplistic aspects of driving I was able to progress rather quickly which I am content with. Moreover the kind and considerate atmosphere you provided in the vehicle made the experience all the more enjoyable. Thanks for being a great teacher.  Billy Sharpe, Ebley



Great instructor. Paul helped me from day 1 through to my practical test, which i passed first time.  He was brilliant throughout and i would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lessons. Ellie Gardiner, Stroud  



Really good driving instructor, extremely friendly. Recommend for anyone who wants to pass first time and have a good time whilst learning. Thanks x    Lottie Tempest, Stonehouse



Had a great time learning with Paul, starting as a brand new driver he taught me both well and quickly and I could pick it up well from his clear precise instructions, I would recommend him to anyone in the area, a fabulous driving instructor and got me a first time pass on both tests!! Joe Hearn, Stonehouse



I cannot thank Paul enough for his extraordinary skill as a driving instructor. His professionalism and individual sensitivity to each student is notable. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has given my daughter new wings to fly with. He was recommended to me over 4 years ago when my son wanted to drive. I can honestly say that Paul taught him the ability to drive with skill and safety and that these are lessons that he has not forgotten to this day. He and a friend (who also learned to drive with Paul) have just completed a charity drive to Mongolia and I feel sure that the lessons they learned then made that difficult trip run smoothly. I know many young people who have learned to drive with Paul and I have never heard a single complaint. Parents and students report only praise for his professionalism and enjoyment of the humour and fun Paul brings to the sessions while they are learning.  Lucy Windridge, Box



I cannot thank Paul enough for the support he gave me throughout my driving lessons. When I first started driving with Paul I was a very anxious person and even found it hard to attend the lessons. Paul has helped me over come so much. He structured each lesson to work for me personally and taught everything clearly and professionally, although we still managed to laugh our way through every lesson. Would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to learn to drive. He has enabled me to feel completely confident on the roads and have also learned some top class banter!  Pippy Midgley, Box



Thank you Paul for everything that you have done for me.  A fully fledged driver!!!!!  You have been so understanding to my many needs and have always been there for me.  I thought that the theory was going to be hard but those lessons on the IPad were so useful and helped me incredibly pass first time.  Im glad i didnt mess up your brilliant pass rate!  Then I passed my practical first time too.  I thought that i would still be learning next year so when you suggested bringing it forward it was a massive leap of faith but you were right.  Thank you once again for all your belief in me.  I shall miss you and your banter x  Megan Evans, Stroud


I felt very confident learning with Paul.  Excellent instructor.  Feedback from each lesson helped boost my confidence behind the wheel and highly recommend to anyone.  Charlie Haywood, Slad



Paul Mansell’s Driving School is a very well taught school. You’re made to feel very comfortable behind the wheel and they have no problem with going over and over certain parts, or explaining parts repeatedly until you fully understand. No stress, just a nice, well lead lesson! Would 100% recommend for an excellent life experience! Trinity Kirkwood, Stroud


Paul is a great instructor and I was delighted to pass first time. He clearly explained everything I needed to know and I would recommend him to others.  Angus McDowall, Stroud

An excellent instructor that helps you in everything when learning to drive. I have enjoyed learning with Paul so much, and boy was it worth it. I feel like a legitimate qualified driver rather than just a person holding a licence, and I feel confident in myself when getting behind the wheel. A good laugh all the way, and he’s also a Spurs fan! Can’t get better than that! Paul will support you and and make you a good driver I can guarantee it. He doesn’t shout and he doesn’t get angry, he is supportive and will get you to passing your test no matter what. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Paul has plenty of experience, and develops and nurtures your driving ability depending on your own ability level and the confidence you have in yourself. He does not push you into trying things that he does not feel you will be able to cope with. All his lessons are planned around you as a driver and you only. Paul is suitable to anyone and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact him if you need to. He’s a great guy, and excellent instructor, and will be patient and respectful when you are driving. Last but not least - thank you so much for all you help Paul, it’s been a great experience for me and I’ve really enjoyed it! See you on the road!  Frank Sharpe, Ebley

Paul is definitely the best driving instructor that i have had (and i have had three).  He is very professional and has a lot of patience.  He is also very good at motivating his pupils to pass and makes you feel confident in your own abilities.  He also sets your standardsvery high and makes them achievable with the amount of work he puts in to really make sure you really understand driving.  I couldnt recommend an instructor more.  Megan Taylor, Kings Stanley



Well I did it!  I passed my test today and couldnt be happier.  I am proud of myself because i had to overcome a lot of anxiety problems to get this far and i can only put this down to Paul.  I cannot believe how good he made me feel after each lesson with his encouragement, belief in me, help in so many ways over and above driving.  My confidence has risen so many times and i feel that i can go anywhere, in a car, on my own! At the time that i doubted myself Paul was there to help, even if he was at home at the time.  I passed both the theory and practical first time and I owe so much to Paul.  I think of him as a friend, a mentor and just the very best instructor that anyone could wish for.  Lauren Morris, Stroud

I wanted to say a huge thank you for teaching Lauren to drive and enabling her to pass her test first time. She seems to have whizzed through in no time at all and that’s thanks to your excellent teaching and coaching. I know that Lauren enjoyed her lessons with you and we would certainly recommend you to anyone. I have been out with Lauren several times since she has passed and her driving is great. She is not nervous and for that I thank you. You’ve done a fab job.  Jo Jones (Lauren Jones's Mum), Cashes Green

Hi Paul. Thanks for teaching me to drive. I’m so excited to have passed my test first time. I enjoyed my lessons with you. Always on time. Always made it fun with such an easy manner putting at my ease so I wasn’t nervous. A huge huge thank you Paul. Lauren Jones, Cashes Green

This guy is a best teacher I pass it for first time with @Lee Mayo I would love to recommend this for you best driving beat sensai ever  Tawit Saturat, Stonehouse

Lee Mayo is the best driving instructor ever! Would recommend Lee to anyone! He has amazing patience and makes you feel relaxed as well as encouraging. Lee has helped me so much that I wouldn’t be on the road if it wasn’t for him! Abbie Mundin, Stroud

Hey Paul, Again would just like to say my sincerest thanks to you! Here goes...
Paul is a wonderful instructor. I have had a number of instructors before Paul and whilst at Univeristy, but I have always gone back to Paul! I honestly can say I could not have passed without him. He made me feel at ease, relaxed and I felt he genuinely cared about me and wanted me to succeed. His patience, and kind heart made me feel extremely comfortable and I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Without Paul I don't think I could have ever passed! 
Beth Townsend, Stroud


I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Paul. He was always very clear on what I had to do and never got annoyed when things went wrong. This calm approach that Paul has makes his lessons fun and enjoyable and I certainly would recommended him to anyone. Thank you Paul for helping me out onto the road. Oliver Neale, Cashes Green

Paul was an excellent driving instructor and got me a pass on my first test, he has some great tips and advice to help you get round the trickier parts of driving, and is a very good teacher overall.  Jordan Porter, Amberley

Just passed my practical test first time thanks to the incredible teaching and encouragement of Paul Mansell. I highly recommend him to any prospective drivers who are looking for an instructor, as he makes each lesson interesting and fun, as well as preparing you for becoming a good driver. Thanks Paul  Laurie Cooper, Slad

I couldn't fault my experience with either Paul or Lee. They both have had great patience and teaching skills and I thank them both very much for the time and effort put in to help me pass... even if it took more than one try to do it.

Only thing I'd recommend is changing is 'The hall of fame' to 'The Paul of fame'. It has a certain ring to it.  Imogen McKeever, Stonehouse

When I first started driving with Paul I had never sat in the drivers seat before and was genuinely very nervous and anxious as I had no idea what I was doing- but how all that changed. Paul was so understanding and helpful and all his hard work paid off. He is so enthusiastic about teaching and only wants the best for his students! A close friend of mine recommended Paul to me and I am thrilled that she did because I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and enjoyed every lesson we had together. Without a doubt I would recommend Paul to ANYONE that is looking to learn to drive because he is so adaptable and you work at your own pace which is ideal for slower and less confident learners! Even after passing my test I know that I can contact Paul for any additional lessons I may need, aka motorway lessons or lessons in my own car just to boost my confidence a little! I thank Paul for everything he has done for me over the past 6 months !! Ellie Thompson, Cashes Green

Paul has been an absolutely fantastic driving instructor, his well explained step-by-step instructions really helped me. He is really friendly and helpful, and I would strongly recommend him! Holly Ostle, Bussage

I am very pleased to say that I have passed my driving test today at the first attempt. I am in no doubt that the main reason for this is thanks to the expertise of my driving instructor, Lee Mayo. Lee has such a positive attitude that you cannot help but be inspired. His calm and considered approach to driving helped give me the confidence I needed to succeed. On top of all that he was totally reliable and always ready to listen to any concerns and answer my questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone looking for an experienced and friendly driving instructor. Rob Ives, Stonehouse

Both Lee and Paul are absolutely fantastic driving instructors. Learning with Paul has been brilliant and I would not have wanted to go with anyone else. Having to deal with anxiety is bad enough but when you have an understanding instructor who is calm and caring the whole time makes the experience less scary. both instructors have given me a lesson whenever I needed one every time I've asked without fail even in their own spare time! would 100% recommend to anyone, Thank You Paul!!!! Emily Lewis, Forest Green

Wow what can I say Lee mayo u absolute ledge! Thank u for believing in me and driving me on to pass this test 1st time! 100% advise anyone getting on the road these are your guys. James Hardwick, Stroud

I would just like to say a huge thankyou to you, for the work that you put and how the way you explained everything personalised to how I would best understand it. Whilst learning there was never a dull moment where we had great 'Banta' along the way which helped to settle any nerves of driving on the roads. From my experience of learning to drive I could tell from the get go that you were a kind genuine person who wanted me to pass my test and to make sure I was a safe driver. You took on what I wanted to do and you always checked that I was confident in what I was doing. Coming up to my test you let me decide what I wanted to do and what I thought was best and if you thought that it wasn't best you'd explain to me what you thought was best. You were extremely helpful leading up to both my theory and practical tests offering help and extra lessons if I would like them. You were exceptionaly helpful when I wanted to postpone my test, you told me what you thought and if I had confidence in my driving ability and due to this I didn't postpone my test and therefore passed first time!!! I would also just like to thank you for accomodating my needs and how when I had to have a month in the middle for an operation you were very supportive and got me straight back to the level I was at beforehand. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thankyou once again

Harry Baker, Cashes Green

I had the pleasure of receiving driving lessons from Kerry who was always equal parts motivating and understanding. Throughout the lessons we had she made it very clear that she believed in me and has helped my driving to reach a higher standard than I ever really thought possible. Kerry’s instructions were clear, informative and  - for lack of a better phrase - it’s obvious she knows her stuff! I always felt listened to and was not afraid to ask Kerry questions about anything surrounding driving whether it was complicated roundabouts or simple road signs. I was also lucky to have a mock driving test with Paul who gave me that extra confidence boost and was very kind too. I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, especially because of the way Kerry helped to manage my lack of self confidence and general anxieties. Paul and Kerry make a fantastic team. Aimee Goddard Stroud


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