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Hi Paul, just a massive thank you for getting me through my test, it was a tough and fun journey but we did it.

The lessons were always enjoyable and fun, and you always let me take my time if I didn’t understand or pick something up which was very helpful. 

Leading up to the test I was a complete nervous wreck and you really made me feel at ease, always supporting me and telling me I was ready which was so helpful and we had such a good bond that just made the whole experience so much better.

I would not have been able to get through my test with anyone else!  You honestly helped me so much, not only did you teach me to drive but you also taught me life lessons that will stay with me forever. I can’t say one negative thing about you, the lessons or the time we spent together to get me where I am now. 

Once again thank you for everything and I hope to see you soon. Kate Hurn, Cashes Green


I would 100% recommend Paul to anyone looking for a driving instructor, he showed great patience and encouragement throughout my driving lessons and was able to push me to pass my test! Excellent teaching method and a friendly bubbly character which makes driving lesson an absolute delight :) Erin Price, Bowbridge

Paul is an amazing driving instructor and after previously being reccomended to me by a friend, I will continue to reccomend him to everyone. Having just passed, Paul has helped me to become both a confidant and safe driver. I was nervous at first but he is so nice and funny that I felt at ease straight away, listening to what you are finding challenging in order to help you get the best experience possible. Thank You Carrick Stimson-Machers, Cashes Green

Best instructor around!!  I got on great with Paul, he did everything he could to help me pass first time. Has loads of different learning techniques that cater for everyone. I  would definitely recommend!  Joe Brown, Stroud

Paul has helped me to achieve something I really didn’t think I would be able to achieve, I couldnt ask for a better driving instructor and I highly recommend Paul to everyone! Thank you so much for everything Peigin Dalby, Eastington

I am so happy.  I have just passed my driving test first time and achieved something that only one person believed that I could do. Paul told me on lesson one that I could achieve anything if I believed in myself and after a lot of persuading I started to do so.  Every lesson was a joy to be part of and slowly the realisation that I could drive came through.  I really could drive from home, I really could drive to Gloucester and then everything opened up.  Paul encouraged me in a way that made me feel so pleased with myself, even when I made mt frequent mistakes.  He told me never to beat myself up about them and to always look on the positive side and learn from it.  I'm sure his car will be better off without me though!  To say that I couldn't have done it without Paul is an understatement and I couldn't have wished for a better person to have with me on the journey.  Paul is the best instructor, the best listener, the best friend and the best counsellor anyone could ask for and I would 100% recommend him to anyone.  If someone is looking for an instructor that is friendly, patient and fun to be around please call him first.  I promise that he is the best!  Thank you for being there for me Paul.  You know how much this means to me and I shall never be able to thank you enough. x Abbie Jones, Stroud  

​​Passed my test four days ago. It took me a year of learning as my memory is appalling but Paul used to do little memory games in the car to help me and eventually it actually really helped. He has the patience of a saint and if you asked me a year ago if I could ever pass I would have said no but paul was absolutely amazing throughout and I really can’t thank him enough. He was just simply amazing! He would help with my memory and he would always let me rant about my life.  He has loads of patience, just generally had a laugh and made me feel comfortable. Highly recommend! Without him I would have given up within months of trying to learn. So thankyou for everything! Sophie Driver, Stroud

Paul is an excellent driving instructor! His teaching makes learning really easy as well as fun. Great atmosphere in the car at all times and he is always really chatty and easy to talk to. Paul gives constructive feedback from mistakes that help you to improve and become a better driver. Good program of learning and booklet which gives you important information to remember and organises next lesson and what you're covering. 

Overall a great person and teacher, I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor. Jack Constable, Woodchester

Wow still can't believe we actually did it!!  Lee, you are the most amazing person I have ever met and if it wasn't for you I am sure I would of given up ages ago. Thank you doesnt even come close to how much you have helped me over the months with my ups and downs (ok there was more downs) I but I have no other  words. I  am so glad to have been taught by you. Thanks for everything and the beers are definitely on me!!!!!! Jen Wall, Stroud

Paul helped me achieve a skill which will set me up for life. As well as being the best driving instructor around who is willing to make sure you understand everything and go over things you may not be too sure of, he is one of the nicest people I’ve met who taught me a lot. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, hope to see you soon. Steph Smith, Randwick

Lee Mayo (Paul Mansell driving school) such a kind and patient teacher that I could ask for, such a nice guy he told me off for saying sorry !! He is always on time and understanding if I couldn’t make a week. He’s just the person you want as he is so encouraging and motivating each week, I honestly loved our lessons and looked forward to them weekly. I couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor.  Once again thank you lee for everything. Luke Watson, Cashes Green

From the get go I found the regimented layout very reassuring and always knew what was next. Despite my initial nerves I was soon looking forward to lessons as the instructors are very calm (didn't get shouted at once) and are happy to change the rate of progression based on ability. I found the price of the lessons to be very reasonable and the cancellation process very flexible. In the end I was very nervous for my test, but passed with 0 faults so the proof's in the pudding. Also, the driving theory app is given to you for free so that's just another benefit. Tom Eddy, Stroud

Great Instructor, I really enjoyed my time learning to drive and would recommend Paul to anyone! Kitty Wright, Nailsworth

Paul is exactly what a driving instructor should be - patient, passionate about his job and will be your friend as well as a superb teacher. Would recommend to anyone and thanks so much for your guidance throughout :) Steve Parker, Kingscourt

I recently just passed my test under Lee Mayo and Paul's help, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else as they helped to make driving simple and easy, built my confidence up and helped me out alot when I got nervous just before the test. Thank you!  Morgan Pendlebury, Stroud

Really enjoyed the driving from the start, both Lee and Paul made me feel very comfortable and managed to get rid of all the nerves i had for starting. I passed first time which just shows how hard they both have worked to get me in a position to do so. I'd like to fully recommend their driving school and thank them for all the hard work.  Alex Sukosd, Stroud


After having one long term instructor bail on me weeks before I was ready to take my test, I didn’t have much hope in reaching my dream of being able to drive. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across Paul (with a hugely high success rate), who was more than willing to help me out. Paul was always bubbly and friendly in our lessons, and was never late or cancelled last minute. If on the rare occasion he had to cancel he would give more than adequate notice, so it didn’t disrupt what I had planned for that day. This is already more than what my last instructor did and I haven’t even talked about the actual driving yet! Paul would help me through my mistakes and ways to improve them (mostly hitting the kerb, so sorry again for that Paul!), and never made me feel uncomfortable or stressed when driving. We’d get on really well even with his slightly strange but unique sense of humour, and this was the thing to cheer me up from a long day. It’s one thing learning to drive, and another thing enjoying learning to drive, and the drives with Paul were most certainly enjoyable. I couldn’t have passed first time without his extensive knowledge and guidance, so all I can say is thank you for putting up with me, Paul.


I will miss our little chats :)  Lucy Hanman, Moreton Valence

I have recently passed my test first time with Paul and could not be happier.  Paul helped me feel at ease straight away on our first lesson and throughout our time driving.  Every step was covered with great enthusiasm and knowledge and no question was too stupid or hard.  I really enjoyed every moment of my lessons and would highly recommend Paul as an instructor to anyone.  He will definitely get you through and most likely first time on your theory and practical.  Please, please give him a try.  Thank you Paul.  Kate Burton, Cashes Green

Thank you for successfully teaching me to pass my test with confidence and only two minor points. You teach people to drive to such a high test standard, errors are kept to a minimum. I had to overcome some issues to pass which included previous bad instruction from an instructor who unfortunately ended up with dementia therefore taught me out of date manoeuvres such as turn in the road and reverse round a corner which are not tested anymore and didn’t teach me with sat nav. I had lost all confidence in my driving ability. I also suffer from some anxiety. Paul helped me to overcome self confidence and self doubt issues in such an understanding way and tailored to my specific needs. He is the ultimate professional, skilled,, competent instructor an expert in his field who teaches in a methodical way so that all areas are covered successfully.. He is also a caring, understanding, has empathy and an intelligent man with an astute mind and friendly persona, great sense of humour , informed , articulate and great communicator who I consider a friend.. What Paul managed to do went beyond passing my driving test. He made me have ultimate confidence in myself and got me to a very high test standard. I believe in myself I cannot believe I only had 2 minors he is excellent and I cannot recommend him enough. Learning to drive has completely changed my life and my daughters. It was s positive experience from start to finish and I cannot thank Paul enough. In fact it is emotional writing this because I am so grateful to Paul for teaching me to pass and also building my confidence which went beyond passing my driving test. My life has changed in a positive way because of Paul. Thank you Laura x  (I just wanted to add that your website is excellent as a source of vital information. And very well designed I found it invaluable alongside the practical instruction) Laura Jennings, Leonard Stanley

i’m very happy to say i passed my test 1st time! I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul’s hard work and dedication i would of not of been able to achieve this without him! His methods of teaching really allowed me to learn quick and efficiently; this resulted in me to feel confident in the early stages of learning which helped me grow massively as lessons went on. Pauls outlook on driving makes lessons enjoyable and worthwhile and i really would recommend Paul as a driving instructor! Abbie Herbert, Leonard Stanley

I recently passed my driving test with Lee, something which has been on my to do list for about 10 years! I had tried another instructor before and had my confidence knocked, and was starting to feel that driving was not something I would do. My friend had recently learnt with the Paul Mansell driving school and couldn't speak more highly of them, so I decided to give it another try. After one lesson with Lee I was feeling so much more capable! He assured me that I would not have to feel out of my depth and we could learn at a pace I felt comfortable with. I made great progress to my surprise, and started to really look forward to my lessons each week! Lee is such a pleasure to chat to, the lessons flew by and before I knew it I was booking my test. I didn't pass the first time but Lee was incredibly supportive and so so happy for me when I did it! It's a huge achievement for me and has made my life so much simpler. I am forever grateful to Lee, he is such a wonderful teacher, get him to teach you too! Holly English, Rodborough

Absolutely amazing instructor who encouraged me and pushed me to achieve my best whilst driving. I was made to felt extremely comfortable which enabled me to build my confidence week by week. Lee was very understanding and patient and helped me to improve my driving skills and I would highly recommend him to anybody!  Eleanor Franklin, Stonehouse

Paul is the best driving instructor.  I would highly recommend not only for being a brilliant instructor but also a top top bloke. I was always so comfortable driving with him as he is always so helpful.  Callum Scrivens, Stroud 

I found Paul mansell driving very helpful , friendly and helps with confidence, I felt very safe while driving with Paul sat next to me. The lessons were always made fun and very enjoyable. Coming up to the test I felt very nervous but Paul made me feel at ease and told me that if I wasn’t ready he wouldn’t have put me forward for my test. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, I passed first time with no minors thanks to Paul. I will always recommend him to anyone looking for some driving lessons, a massive thanks again for all the help and support.​ Maisie Kirkwood, Stroud.

I passed my test thanks to Paul, he was experienced, professional, clear in his instruction, respectful, patient, on time, focused, honest, up to date with the test requirements and the best sense of humour....he made it such a fun learning experience and I am forever grateful 🙏🏼 Claire Berthier, Paganhill

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Paul, he was very patient with me and made lessons very enjoyable, while teaching me thoroughly but at a really good pace! Thank you! Grace Walmsley, Minchinhampton

Paul was always patient and remained calm during our lessons, which created a relaxed atmosphere for learning to drive. His useful tips and tricks helped with passing the test and I’m sure will be very useful in the future. The many stories and anecdotes he told always kept the lessons interesting. Thanks Paul, you’ve really built my confidence on the road. Sam Hines, Forest Green

Not just a top driving instructor but a top gentleman as well. Helps ease you in with his sense of humour and doesn't mind going the extra mile to help with your learning both for your practical and theory. Would 100% recommend. Ciaran McLaughlin, Stroud

Lee Mayo is the best driving instructor ever ! he made driving something so fun and simple to learn and i am going to miss lessons with him a lot now that i have passed. would one million percent recommend him to absolutely anyone and so glad that i learned driving from the best. i had one lesson with Paul as well, and just from that short time i got the same positive vibe as i did from Lee and made me feel really confident and comfortable. thank you both so much 😆!!! Joe Wilcox, Haresfield

Thank you Lee and Paul for all your help and support . You both believed in me when I didn’t. You didn’t just teach me how to pass my test , you taught me how to drive. 
I’d highly recommended to anyone. I’m actually going to miss my lessons . 😊 
Wes Andrews, Paganhill

Paul is by far the best instructor and will teach you how it suits you. Very calm and selective and will always ask his pupils firstly what they want to focus more on. Driving lessons with Paul are amazing! Really affordable also. I passed first time on my practical with Paul. I had two previous instructors but I didn’t get on well with both but when I started doing lessons with Paul I came flying through learning how to drive not only does Paul teach you how to drive but he teaches you to drive for life I would highly recommend to anyone. Courtney Smith, Kingscourt

After having Lee for a few months from coming back from uni, he was chilled out got my confidence back behind the wheel and led me to pass first time! Would recommend to anyone! Ben Newton, Stroud

Icannot fault Paul in any way! He has taught me everything I need to know in such a short amount of time! A all round lovely man who I have had a pleasure of being taught by. He is calm and highly helpful! Everything he taught me was easy to follow and he made everything so clear for me to understand! The booklet he provides is a massive help for both the theory and the practical test! My lessons with Paul will be missed but I can only hope he shares his wonderful knowledge to Britain’s next driver! A wonderful teacher all round 💗 Charlotte Parsons, Stonehouse

Very impressed with the style of teaching from Paul, had a very good time with Paul while learning how to drive. Very glad I chose Paul to teach me to drive, as I felt fully confident from the start that I would pass my driving test. Paul helped me pass my theory test first time scoring 49/50, while then helping me, offering plenty of suggestions and extra time if needed to pass my Practical test first time. Harvey Robinson, Stonehouse

 I couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor. Paul explained everything thoroughly and ensured that I was confident when driving. His humour and his encouragement really relaxed me, giving me the confidence to be able to talk to him and say if I felt I needed to work on a manoeuvre or a roundabout etc. I really recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive as the lessons are well structured and are really enjoyable... even if they are really early in the morning! The progression I gained in just a few lessons was insane and it's all down to Paul, I couldn't of done it without him. Milly Jarvis, Rodborough

Thanks Lee for getting me through my driving test on wednesday.  I appreciated your calmness and patience during our lessons along with you always balancing constructive feedback with positive reinforcement.  Many thanks again.  Jack Allbutt, Stroud


Lee was the most confidence boosting as well as funny instructor out there, helping me get over my nerves and achieve my goal. He was always super helpful when it came to any questions or barriers I might have had.  As well as ensuring I was comfortable in the car and learning and maintaining the skills I needed to pass my test. Absolutely amazing, I'm so grateful!  Harriet Freebury, Stroud

Lee. Thank you so much for everything that you have done to help my pass my test. Not only have you been so helpful, I have really enjoyed my lessons with you. You’ve been so patient when explaining things, and really funny as well ! It’s also been brilliant having Paul there, so I was able to do my mock test with someone else as practice before the actual test. I honestly couldn’t think of anything I could say to help you improve your lessons for other students, nor could I recommend you more. Thanks once again, Tom :) Tom Coates, Stonehouse

I would like to thank Paul for first of all being a great instructor and helping me pass my test. His way of teaching and his techniques on learning how to do everything is amazing and it is broken down really well. I also got along really well with Paul, he was always patient with me when necessary and over all he was just a nice guy to talk to which made the lessons that much more enjoyable. Really pleased I chose Paul as my instructor and I highly recommend him to everyone. Joe Samak, Whiteshill

Paul’s easy to get along with, friendly and great at explaining things in a way that makes it hard for you to go wrong! I passed quickly and first time so absolutely no complaints. Ava Bunce, Stroud

I would definitely recommend Paul, he had great patience and encouragement throughout all my lessons. I also felt relaxed and at ease during my lessons and that I could go over anything I didn’t get straight away which definitely helped with passing my test. Thanks for all the great times. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road.  Owen Desmond, Cashes Green


Lee is calm and friendly instructor who was able to quickly identify problems in my driving and gave clear advice to get me through my test. He was always happy to repeat things and provide clarification when necessary, giving me confidence in my driving. All aspects of the test where covered thoroughly and in good order that avoided leaving me overwhelmed, overall he did a great job in ensuring I was well prepared. I think I got lucky to have Lee as an instructor and would definitely recommend him to others. 


Thanks for all the help. Great to have finally passed. Joe Ward, Whiteshill

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with the Paul Mansell Driving School and Lee especially was a great teacher.  I felt safe and comfortable the whole time and would highly recomend them to anyone looking to learn to drive.  Freya Gardiner, Stroud

Paul was such a confidence booster as well as an amazing instructor. He was so helpful and kind and helped me to pass my test with 2 minors! Would definitely recommend Paul and Lee.  Issy Jackson, Stonehouse

I passed my test first time with Lee and I couldn't thank him enough! top notch instructor! thank you so much again Lee! 

Jade Bovey, Stroud

Initially, I was very verbosity about driving as I had little to no interaction with driving beforehand. That being said it was very comforting the way Paul interacted with me and helped me to get over the nerves and really start to drive. I felt like he supported me all the way through to the early morning of the test. I attribute my first time pass to him.  Patrick Dixon, Stonehouse

Would highly recommend Paul to anyone!! Super friendly and patient.  Dropped everything for me to have a cancellation test.  Thank you so much.  Cara Neary, Kings Stanley

I was impressed with Paul from the very first meeting when he introduced himself and made me feel totally at ease on the journey to the start point for our lesson.  His sense of humour and clear explanation on all aspects throughout that lesson and every one after was so good that i didn't feel like we were on a lesson at all.  If there were things that i didn't understand he would take time to explain it in a way which i understood.  My friends told me about his drawings on the assessment sheets and how they helped and they really did.  My parents were happy with his instruction and Paul always emphasised that they were welcome to come along on any lesson as long as the Covid rules were followed.  I couldn't be happier to recommend Paul to anyone and, as i passed first time as well, I feel that he is the best that I have heard about, so if you're looking for lessons book with him now.  Thank you so much.  Isobel R, Stonehouse

Paul was my first and only driving instructor, who is great at what he does. He works at your own pace but also pushes you when you don’t believe in yourself. Paul explains everything very well and comes up with different ways of explaining information. He gives you a booklet to record your progress, and it has all of the information in that you need which really helped me see what I’ve improved on over the weeks and it helped me revise different questions for my driving test. I would recommend Paul to everyone and I couldn’t thank him enough for the hard work and time he put into me passing! Ellie Luff Leonard Stanley

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Paul Mansell. His great sense of humour, patience and love of teaching has made learning to drive a positive experience from start to finish. He ensures all his students are fully equipped with all the skills necessary to become safe and competent divers. Josh Noblet, Leonard Stanley

Paul is a great teacher and the best driving instructor I have had. He breaks things down, so they are simple and easy to understand. However, he will often go further and explain why you do certain things which really helped me understand core concepts (which not a lot of instructors do).

I really enjoyed all the lessons I had with Paul, he is funny, easy to talk to and most of all patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone at any stage of their driving journey.

Thank you for being a great instructor.


Thanks you again for be my instructor and wish you all the best for the future. Sam Wells, Stonehouse

Just like to give a shout out to Paul Mansell as its 15 years today since I passed my driving test! Woo! 🎉🎈🙌🏻😀

It was in the morning in the rain and it was the day before I went to uni as well!

I knew Paul back when he first went 'rogue' from BSM and I had never driven before, but in just over a year he instilled the confidence and know-how I needed to me get through it all.

So thank you to an instructor with an awesome sense of humour and great patience, (I certainly had my strops and doubts about myself so these traits were useful 😅) 👍🏻👏🏻  Emily McGaw, Stroud

If you want to learn to drive then Paul is absolutely the best instructor to go with, I genuinely looked forward to our lessons every week as I saw significant improvement with each lesson and always had a laugh doing so! I was really anxious to learn to drive but Paul taught everything step by step and remained patient and positive throughout. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or driving test result! Poppy Halliwell, Stroud

I had the most fun with Paul (and Lee!) From the start he has always been very supportive and has prioritised my well-being above anything. We have laughed constantly and I’ve enjoyed his company a lot. He was never afraid to put me in my place, but was always fair and has taught me the highest standards of driving. Thanks for everything Paul!  Evie Cook, Stroud

Paul really helped me with my confidence when it came to driving. I am a very anxious and nervous person and have no confidence in myself. Paul really helped me over come these struggles and gave me the confidence and skills to pass my driving test. We also had a great laugh along the way and I couldn’t recommend anyone better. Sophie Neale, Cashes Green



After failing my test twice with a previous instructor and going through lockdown I was feeling really discouraged about driving again. I was finally able to pass thanks to how patient and clear Lee always is with his teaching! I wholeheartedly recommend this driving school for any new learners but also for those with some experience who may need extra help. Pinar Yilmaz


I would recommend Paul Mansell driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive! I started off lacking a lot of confidence and feeling very anxious about learning to drive, but lessons with both Paul and Lee were a joy and they didn't just teach me to drive; they also taught me to feel safe and confident in the car. Its one of my proudest achievements and I couldn't have done it without them both. Grace White, Woodchester

Hearing about other instructors from friends, I count myself very lucky to have met Paul. He is incredibly patient and friendly, putting me at ease from day 1 and never once getting annoyed with me even when I put the car in the wrong gear for the 20th time! Paul's teaching is so tailored and thorough, leaving me with a sense of achievement after every lesson. I always felt safe and enjoyed chatting and laughing with such a genuinely kind and funny person. I am so grateful for everything he has taught me and the confidence he has given me. I will miss our lessons a great deal. Thank you so much Paul!  Beth Constable, Woodchester

Passed first time after only 12 classes! Thanks so much Paul! Under your instruction you made driving so easy to learn. Wonderful teacher and very easy to get on with. Grace Adams, Rodborough

Such a great service from not only the 'Paul Mansell Driving School' but also Kerry who created such an amazing environment for me to learn in. She really had an outstanding personality and could make you feel comfortable in the lessons and answer any questions I had about driving or the test. Whilst driving, Kerry would always be able to tell a great story and make the lessons really enjoyable and remove so much pressure or awkwardness you might otherwise face in a silent car. After my first few lessons Kerry was able to trust me and didn't often have worry about using dual controls, understanding the pace I was advancing at and any worries I was having whilst driving, being able to understand and learn from that for the future. As we moved on, the lessons became more complex and Kerry could see that and adjust focus on problems I would be having such as bay reverse parking which took quite a few lessons to get right but her enthusiasm to help with this problem allowed me to understand it. When it came to the test and I was doing the bay reverse parking I managed to get it spot on thanks to that extra time learning. When it also got closer to the test Kerry was able to work with me to pick out some of my weakest areas and focus on them for the next week making sure I understood it, not only just for the test but also general driving for the future. So, thank you Kerry and thank you 'Paul Mansell Driving School'!  Harrison Earl, Stroud

I would recommend Paul Mansell Driving School as he was very understanding as well as having outstanding patience and always made my lessons enjoyable.  He always put his confidence in me and helped me believe in myself. Ellie Young, Uplands

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Paul as he’s very caring , understanding and knowledgeable. He made perhaps a very daunting thought for some with driving for the first time a very relaxed and calm experience right up until the end . I highly recommend Paul and his driving school for anyone in the local area who wants to start driving . You wont regret it !!  Charlotte Franklin, Stonehouse 

Where to begin with Paul Mansell Driving School?!? As an extremely anxious person I had been putting of learning to drive for a fair few years. But then after hearing such good reviews about Paul I decided to give him a call, and honestly I haven’t looked back. Paul is not only fantastic at what he does but he has a calming presence that really put me at ease. Every lesson I was greeted with a smile and his bubbly personality came through on every lesson. I honestly don’t think I could of passed FIRST time if it wasn’t for Paul. Not only helping me with my driving but also helping me massively with my confidence on a day to day. Thank you Paul - your one in a million X  Jessica Price, Bussage


It’s Kieran, firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to you and Kerry for an amazing experience.
Kerry had taught me more than I needed to know about driving she has taught me life lessons within driving. 
She has been calm during the whole experience. And got me from 0-100 to passing my test. 

Her attitude to helping people to learn is unbelievable. And I am truly grateful I had Kerry as a tutor. Thank you all again and when i see you around and i will give a wave.  Kieran Woodward, Stroud

Couldn’t recommend Paul enough! So patient and calm during the lessons which put my nerves at ease. I couldn’t of asked for better instructor. Thank you again. Lily Carr, Stonehouse

Kerry was the best driving instructor, very friendly, welcoming and an excellent teacher.  Couldn’t recommend the 10/10 service anymore.  She made sure i had all the skills perfected ready for my test and I passed second time which i was very pleased with.  Thank you Kerry.  Reggie Fellowes, Rodborough

Choosing Paul to be my driving instructor was definitely the best decision I could have made. During my lessons, I struggled with my confidence but Paul helped me to gain trust in myself and help me realise I can do it. He is an amazing instructor who explains things clearly and in detail, so that it was easy to understand and put into practice. He also made me feel very at ease during our lessons. Thank you Paul :) Holly Fowles, Westrip

I had a great experience learning to drive with Kerry and would definitely recommend learning to drive with her. She made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and always took the time to explain everything thoroughly so I could have a better understanding. I struggled with roundabouts for a while and she really helped me overcome this struggle using a variety of methods to teach me. Kerry always planned our lessons well and would give me constructive feedback during and at the end of our lessons to further help me learn. Plus, we’d always have great chats and a good laugh and I can honestly say I’ll miss our lessons. Overall, I would definitely recommend Kerry to anyone looking to learn how to drive as I feel as though she has made me become a safe driver. Georgina Brennan-Hulme, Stroud


Overall, I feel that I received a high level of service from an experienced and friendly instructor. While my path to passing to my test wasn’t completely typical, I was very impressed by the flexibility offered in when and how often lessons could be offered. I enjoyed the majority of my time spent learning and would definitely recommend it for other learners.  Tom Edwards, Stroud

I am so glad I found your driving school, Kerry was encouraging and easy to learn with and I was able to pass on my first test because of both of your help! I would definitely recommend either Paul or Kerry to anyone looking for a punctual, supportive and friendly driving instructor. 

Thank you again !!Jessica Bumstead, Stroud

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