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Traffic Light Failure


When a set of traffic lights have failed to work you should treat the junction as an uncontrolled junction - one where no one has priority. In such a case, you should be prepared to stop and give way.


Advanced Stop Lines


Some traffic light controlled junctions have advanced stop lines. These allow cyclists,

and sometimes buses, to wait ahead of all other traffic, usually in an area marked by

a different coloured road surface.
All other traffic must wait behind the first stop line, and should avoid waiting in the marked 
When the traffic light turns to green, traffic waiting at the first stop line should be patient and
allow time and space for the cyclists or bus to move off.


Approaching Traffic Lights


As you approach a set of traffic lights you should always be ready to stop. Never speed up to try and reach a green light before it chances. Use the MSM/PSL routine as you approach, look for any lane markings and get into the correct lane in good time.



  • Red - stop and wait at the stop line.

  • Red and amber - stop and wait.

  • Green - go if the way ahead is clear.

  • Amber - stop, unless

  • you've already crossed the stop line

  • you're so close to it that pulling up might cause an accident.

On your driving the test the examiner will expect you to:


  • Use the MSM/PSL routines as you approach

  • Get to the correct lane

  • Stop when required to do so

  • Move off when required to do so.



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