The course encourages you to have a "hands on" approach and will take place under partial cover so suitable clothing should be worn for the weather and the likelihood of getting slightly dirty as you will be expected to change a wheel etc.  Gloves and tissues will be provided, as will some refreshments and courtesy break facility.


The cars are provided for working on but we encourage you to bring your own car, where possible, for reference purposes and questions (within reason) at the end of the course.  Please do note that parking is limited so you may have to park a small distance away.


The cost of the course is £50 per person, and if you would like to bring a parent, family member or someone not booked on the course, an additional £30 per person should be added.  This should be paid in full at the start of the course either by cash or cheque.


Be advised that there is a limit of 4 people on each course so a quick reply is required to allow spaces to be filled.


If you would like to attend one of our unique courses please email me at or contact me on 01453 827778 or 07985 270399.  Course dates invitations will be sent by email, where possible, but look out for posts on facebook, twitter or text too.


We hope you will enjoy the course and find it beneficial to you in the future.



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I recently took part on Paul and Paul's car maintenance course to which i was able to take my own car to learn on. The whole course was very interesting and well thought out and i learned a lot. I went from not knowing anything about cars to feeling confident in not only maintaing my car, but what to do in an emergency and even in changing tyres! We learnt about how to check all the vital things in the car such e.g. oil. We also had our cars put through a computer to look for faults which was very reassuring. Being able to take my own car was very helpful as every car is different and i learnt about the specifics of my car. Both Pauls were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and no question or demonstartion was too much for them. I felt like i could ask any question even if it seemed silly and it would be explained in a way i would understand and remember. Overall brilliant course especially for new or learner drivers or even people who are just not confident in the maintenance of their cars. Well worth the time!
- Naomi Groombridge



I thought that the course was overall very well organised with detailed procedures on how to do certain things. 

Firstly, I thought that the fact we could change the tyre on our own car was very helpful as it replicates a real-life situation. The procedure on how to change the tyre was detailed and I feel I could do it again all by myself.

Secondly, the jump start was very useful to know and also how to do it safely.

The fact that Paul Watts was there was a brilliant idea I thought, as he obviously has a lot of knowledge in that area. The leaflets and freebies are also very useful too and will be of great use soon I am sure.

Again, the diagnostic check was very useful, so we are able to see how our own car is and what state it's in.

The only slight improvement I would make would be to maybe cover a few more areas next time. What I'm saying might be completely wrong as there is nothing more to cover, bearing in mind I have no knowledge of this stuff again!

But overall, I thought it was a very beneficial course and thanks for organising  it.

- Ben Pitman


Car Maintenance with Paul Mansell and Paul Watts was amazing! I learnt so much with my car, and because there were two other students, I got to know their cars too. Which will be very useful when I get another car. I learnt;

How to change a tyre
How to check brake pads
How to check tread depth
How to check tyre pressure
How to jump start a car
How to change a light bulb - front and back (came in very handy when my Dad tried to get rid of condensation in my lights but could not manage to take out my bulbs, but I was able to take them out)

I would definitely recommend this course. It has made me even more confident in driving, now that I can most likely sort it out if something simple goes wrong with my car, instead of having to pay someone else to. It was also lovely to spend more time with Paul Mansell, and to meet Paul Watts, they made it fun!

Molly Harris


Great car maintenance course with Paul & Paul! Highly recommended!

-Becky Elliott


What a brilliant Car Course that was! Thank you Paul Mansell and your friend Paul for helping me today. It's lovely being able to know how I can look after my car and what to do if a problem occurs. You were both so helpful and welcoming. 
Thanks again

-Jess Scarborough


Had a fantastic day Paul and Paul thank you both, was great getting dirty and I know my parents feel better knowing I'll be able to deal with whatever the car throws at me!!! Really feel like I know my car inside and out

-Jenna Collier


Wonderful course! Really enjoyable and so much fun.  Thank you so much for showing me so much about my car Paul and Paul

-Megan Davies


Great time and learned such a lot about changing tyres, bulbs, brakes, windscreen wipers. Loads of info that is too much to list.  Great value and really nice guys!

-Laura Williams


Great course.  Thank you to both Pauls for great advice and so much useful information.

-Sam Brookes





Paul and Pauls Basic Maintenance Course